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February 8th, 2009, 04:08 AM
I put in a movie DVD in my Serp5 DVD (Optiarc 7560). I didn't notice, but there was a sticker on the bottom of the DVD. It was from the DVD wrapper, and I unknowingly transferred it to the DVD when I opened the package.
The movie didn't play, so I removed it and noticed the sticker.
Now the DVD doesn't see anything. I can't even boot off a DVD.
I think I damaged the lens or the lens carrier.
Help a clumsy dummy!

February 8th, 2009, 05:59 AM
Tisk! Can you play a music cd in it? If not, Fill this out and I'll get you squared away on Monday...


If it it does play a music CD, we can try a few other things.

February 9th, 2009, 08:54 AM

Thanks. I asked my guys in IT for some advise, too. Turns out I'm not the only one to something like this. Others have done worse! They said it was not problem. Luckily, it is a tray model, and the lens was easily accessible.
The lens was covered in the sticker's adhesive, but otherwise no scratches visible, even with a manifying glass. A little iso alcohol on a swab (they had some special non-scratch ones for just such a purpose) removed the gummy material without damaging the lens, and now it plays fine.
Lesson - ALWAYS check the play side of any DVD/CD/Blu-ray media before inserting into the tray.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

February 9th, 2009, 05:05 PM
Tell you IT guys I said thank you. Glad you're up and running.