View Full Version : [all variants] Samsung 2433Bw = "Not Optimal Resolution" error box on screen

February 7th, 2009, 07:34 AM
I have The Samsung 2433BW hooked up to a HD4870 card with the digital connectors, to both the monitor and card, and am using Ubuntu 8.10.amd64 with the ATI proprietary FGLX driver, which is activated.

I have the monitors resolution set to 1280x720, and it looks good.

When I start Sauerbraten, or alien arena, I get the error box which says "not optimal resolution, the recommended mode is 1920x1200", and there is a box with a question mark in the centre of this error message with the work "digital" at the bottom.

The message appears at the centre of the screen and you can't move it.

After about 30 seconds or so, the screen goes blank, except for this message which stays there, the only thing to get graphics back is to CTL-ALT-Backspace, and re-login.

I changed the monitor res to 1920x1200 to see what would happen, and the desktop look fine, but everthing was very small of course, but the games still produced this error message on the monitor.

Is this a problem with the monitor, graphics card, driver or the games (Sauerbraten and Alien Arena).


February 9th, 2009, 12:06 PM
Anyone have any ideas.

I have an old machine with an acer 17" monitor and the driver that came on the ubuntu iso recognised it as an acer 17", but when I activated the ati fglx drivers, it now registers as unknow.

My samsung 2433bw is also shown as unknown.

Do the graphics drivers have an effect on monitors, such as causing them to display error messaage such as the one in the above post?