View Full Version : [ubuntu] compiling a file for my webcam?

February 6th, 2009, 08:51 PM
been searching for a way to get my aiptek pencam working
i have found a tool that says this
Aiptek/Sunplus 5 0x04fc 0x504a Mini PenCam-1.3 spca504a ov9620 Yes Jpeg spca5xx/LE ***

this is on the list so i think it should work in kopete at least.
but it says i must compile it from the files i downloaded
to get videodev to spca5xx
how do i do this????
i have no idea
have been trying for weeks to get my cam to work in anything other than cheese! (tried amsn, gyachi, kopete)
all of these either give errors or a screwed pic.

i'm running ubuntu 8.04
any help would be appreciated.