View Full Version : [ubuntu] good news for aspiring Ubuntu 8.10 nOOBs

February 6th, 2009, 08:00 PM
I have recently managed to install v8.10 on mine & the Missus PCs.

The last few yrs I strugled unsaccesfully with the various Vs 5,7 & 8.04 & despite the hard work of genuine helpers, quote "with the usual gaps and assumptions that we the new ones know something let alone everything" unquote, I couldn't grasp Linux Lingo.

Luckily v 8.10 came along, & on clean free space in it went (one PC within windows the other not) & on its own found the wired rooter, connected to the web, it networked both PCs, asked & installed Nvidia 3d drivers, showed us the five external Win. partitions etc etc, & seems preloaded with all the programs a home PC needs.

Alas not FS9 I mostly use the PC for.

Lucky too with the forum helpers on a couple of things, they typed out the giperish commands & copy/paste did the job.

It is almost like MSWins. this 8.10 & so far both of us (edited boot.ini) & go straight in Ubuntu & like it, have access to all our old Win files, is faster & feel safer from nasties.

Thanx to the boys who did this version & all at the various forums.

Nick & Missus.