View Full Version : [ubuntu] Very Strange Wireless Issues

February 6th, 2009, 06:50 PM
I set up months ago my router for WPA2 encryption. It worked splendidly up until last night.

Last night I changed the encryption key and changed it to WPA. I changed the key like necessary in seahorse. Well, that didn't work, so I entered the key manually in the password prompt that popped up, about a dozen times. It refused to connect, for some reason no matter what I entered changed or did, it would send the old encryption key, and not the new one.

So I ended up changing the connection name so that the computer wouldn't have a stored key for it and I could start fresh. This seemed to work. however, as soon as I get farther than 6 or so feet from my router, I loose connection, even though the nm-applet says that my signal strength is in the 60-90% range.

I just now reset to factory default my router (D-Link DIR-615) and set up again another WPA encryption and the problem still persists.

Any idea why I'm having this problem and/or how I can fix it?

I would prefer to use bash than the GUI, so if anybody has any ideas, commands would suit me better.

Thank you.

(btw, the wireless connections works fine at any range within Windows XP)