View Full Version : [ubuntu] EMBOSS-kaptain instillation issues

February 5th, 2009, 04:36 PM
I have having issues trying to install EMBOSS-kaptain into ubuntu 8.10 (x64). I have installed all of the dependencies (KDE libraries, EMBOSS, Kaptain, QT, & Nedit). The issues I get are:

1) During install I direct EMBOSS-kaptain to the kaptain executable. Despite the fact the executable is where it should be (/user/bin/kaptain), the installer doesn't see the executable.

2) If I try to run any of the kaptain scripts all that happens is that my processor usage jumps to ~15%, all memory and swap gets filled to 100%, and the system really slows down until reboot. I do not get any GUI (which is what the scripts should provide) during this process.

Any ideas?