View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems with youtube and firefox

February 5th, 2009, 06:35 AM

I'm very new to ubuntu and have only been using it for about a week, but I am having a problem viewing videos on youtube. Every time I try to play a video, it will start loading and then firefox will go black and white and then it says firefox is not responding and I have to force quit.

I have tried re-installing flash but it has no effect. I disabled my NVIDIA graphics driver and tried again. This time the video played but it was very choppy along with the sound. I tried to view another video and then it went back to the first issue and had to force quit firefox again.

I don't think the issue is with firefox as I tried it in the Epiphany Web Browser, but it just did the same thing.

If anyone has any ideas how to fix this, I would appreciate it very much.

February 5th, 2009, 03:46 PM
In order to stream anything you will have to add this ability by adding some pkgs. I have used this guide many times successfully:
However in order to have succeess you must know where the terminal is, click on applications > accessories > terminal .. with the terminal window open and the guide open in another window copy from guide and paste in terminal ..If you have any problems with this post back ..Best to you

February 6th, 2009, 08:15 AM
Thank you very much for your reply. I followed the instructions and now firefox doesn't stop responding which is good. However, the audio and video are very choppy and slow. Even music I play in Rhythmbox is the same as well as the startup sounds when ubuntu boots.

My sound and video is working perfectly in Vista.. so I don't know what the problem could be. I've tried searching but I can't seem to find any solution.

February 7th, 2009, 07:13 AM
For an OS that I have heard a lot of good things about and is apparently easy to use, it seems like more trouble than it is worth. Since installing it I have had a lot of issues with it. I'm pretty disappointed.