View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video out stopped working for no reason

February 5th, 2009, 02:56 AM
Hi there,

Running latest patched ubuntu on a Dell Ispiron 9400 laptop, ATI X1400 graphics card, restricted drivers.

TV out always used to work (using Big Desktop to the left of my panel) from the S-video port on the back of the laptop. To enable it I'd just go to Applications> ATI Catalyst Control Centre and just change it from there.

Yesterday evening I was watching movies on the TV and browsing the net on the laptop panel just fine. I turn on the computer this morning and it doesn't work.

If I set the mode to clone, then a mess of junk and distorted images appear on the TV (laptop panel displays correctly, except that it scrolls around with black bars??). If I set the mode to anything other than clone, then both screens flicker, before going black. Ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't work, can't open any other terminals. I have to raise a few elephants to get the system to reboot.

If I boot the system with the cable plugged in, same disaster.

I've spent the last THREE HOURS checking my soldering on the svideo cable (homemade), but it was fine, and indeed, it works just fine in Windows.

How can I fix this?!

Edit: Fun fact, the mouse cursor is visible and undistorted when viewing in clone mode.