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February 5th, 2009, 02:37 AM
Good evening --

I hope this isn't too long an explanation, but here it goes.

At work I use a Philips digital handheld dictation device. I run everything off of my MacBook. The Philips device stores dictation as DSS files on a flash card.

Using Windows in Parallels I can plug the device in using a USB cable. It will show up as a removable drive, and I can copy the files to the proper folder on our server. (The Philips software is unreliable, whereas this method works 100% of the time.)

I would much rather use Ubuntu.

When I plug the Philips device in, it sometimes shows up as a hard drive (so far so good) but when I try to copy the files off of it (using the Nautilus file browser) it will appear to begin copying but then stop--the progress bar stops. A bit later I will get an error message indicating that the computer cannot read the file.

Since the doggone thing works in Windows, I would imagine it should work in Ubuntu, but so far it hasn't. I've done a few Google searches to see if anyone has created a driver that might work, but I've come up empty handed.

If anyone can offer any solutions, it will allow me to banish Windows completely from my MacBook.

Thank you in advance!

Bill Wilson

February 5th, 2009, 04:13 AM
though you are on a Mac, this is not a mac issue, it is an Ubuntu/Linux software issue. You might get more help in a different forum.