View Full Version : Support those Who Support Wireless Linux

December 19th, 2005, 07:56 PM
I think when we have success with a wireless adapter for linux right out of the box because the native linux drivers, we should email the company and tell them thanks. Then they can know if people make use of the extra work they put into it.

I've had 3 successfull netgear NIC's, 2 pci, 1 pcmia, work right out of the box. And right in a row too which made for a happy month of putting ubuntu on people's machines. I am going to email netgear with the model numbers that did it for me.

I just think this would be a nice new avenue to follow in addition to emailing companies that don't support linux to do so. I encourage anyone else that has success to let manufactures know why you choose them. :)

I could also mail my newegg invoice with new netgear nic's coming to linksys so they know for a fact where my business goes.