View Full Version : [ubuntu] New to Ubuntu, HD Display problems

February 3rd, 2009, 08:18 PM
I just installed Ubuntu over the weekend and am having some issues. I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on a Macbook 2,1. I don't have a specific reason for doing this, I was just curious and wanted to see what Ubuntu was like, since I had heard good things and am an aspiring programmer.

There have been two problems that have made the process, well, inconvenient. The first is that the bluetooth tool does not recognize my white apple bluetooth keyboard. The second is that I cannot get my Apple HD Cinema Display to work. I have given up on the keyboard for now, until I have a better idea of what I am doing, but the display issue is putting a real damper on things.

Let me first say I have read many posts on these forums for possible solutions, so I have attempted to fix this without hand-holding, but nothing has worked. If I use the system tool to set up both monitors, the second monitor shows up at least. Though, when I logout and then log back in, only the laptop display works, while the menu-bar has vanished (I am assuming it is on the cinema display, which doesn't show anything). As I am new to the command line, and don't know how to bring it up without the menu-bar, this forces me to hold down the power key for a restart.

I have tried various solutions posted on these forums, as well as the Envyng software. Envy installed some drivers and then I lost my GUI. At this point I have reinstalled the system, so everything is straight from the box. If anyone can help, please do. I don't mind the monitor issue when I'm at school, but at home it would seriously boost my productivity if I could get the Cinema Display to work.