View Full Version : [ubuntu] no graphics after update

February 2nd, 2009, 02:20 AM
I did an update (but I have not updated for a few weeks and there were many files updated). After the update I lost my graphics.

I can reboot and the user name and password screen look fine.
After that I only get a colored screen and the Ubuntu music plays
My mouse works and the cursor is on the screen . I get a window with the following message that looks fine. The configuration defaults for gnome power manager have not been installed properly please contact your computer administrator.

There is no background and no command lines.

I have a dell computer with amn ATI RADEON RV100 QY Radeon 7000/VE. I have Linux 2.6.27-11 generic #1 SMP system load 2.41

I am very new to linux. If I reload the operating system will I lose all my files?