View Full Version : [ubuntu] net install hangs unmercilessly

February 1st, 2009, 11:50 PM
hi everyone, i have recently acquired an old(er) computer with no cd drive. i then went through all the procedures to get pxe boot going (flawlessly), and copied the contents of the alternate install cd to a folder ubuntu in my /srv/http (apache root). now when i boot off the network, boot goes well, and the installer works to the point where i choose a mirror. i enter my ip*porthere*. i made sure that this is the port that i have apache listening on, and also that the port is forwarded in my router config. when asked the name of the directory, i enter /ubuntu/, and then it just hangs. just sits there at a blue screen with no words on it. i really would appreciate any help i can get on this matter, as i have been trying to get a net install going on this box for almost two days now, and am almost at wits' end.
thank you in advance.

so it turned out i just need to change permissions on my apache root, and chmod -R 777 /srv/http/ubuntu did the trick. woohoo!