View Full Version : [kubuntu] Will KDE 4.2 appear in official 8.10?

January 28th, 2009, 04:09 PM
I wonder if I should wait for KDE 4.2 stable to appear in Ubuntu 8.10 updates (maybe in proposed or backports) or install it from kubuntu-experimental? That depends on whether KDE 4.2 will ever appear in official 8.10.
And, if no, is there a reason to update my system to Ubuntu 9.04?

January 28th, 2009, 05:16 PM
I was even wondering it it would become official for 8.04

January 28th, 2009, 08:56 PM
I would love to hear if Kubuntu 8.10 will get kde 4.2 in the repos as well.

January 28th, 2009, 09:08 PM
I upgraded mine to 4.2 through the experimental and I really feel like reinstalling completely and going back to something stable (i.e. KDE 3.5). I have noticed at least 5 or 6 bugs, some fairly major, and I've had it installed less than 24 hours and I'm not even trying to look for them. I really had high hopes for this release, but I think they were too high.

About 3/4 of the desktop widgets no longer work and I get a message saying "Could not find selected component" when I try to add them. This includes the show desktop button and since there is no longer a keyboard shortcut to show the desktop I have to now manually minimize all of my windows, which I really find annoying (this didn't exist in 4.1 either).

The taskbar now has the ability to group similar tasks, but the option to "only group when taskbar full" option doesn't work and they are always grouped, even when you have two windows open so this basically defeats the purpose for me.

I currently have a window open on desktop 2 and it appears on desktop 1's task manager and not desktop 2's. Explain that one... Also when going from desktop 1 to desktop 2, the tasks in the taskbar change order. I may have Thunderbird first then Opera second and when I go to desktop 2 and back to desktop 1 they will be swapped. This is nothing major, but still unexpected behavior.

They have now taken away the option to disable preview images for everything except the desktop icons (not that it worked in 4.1.x anyway) which is really annoying, for example, using konqueror for ftp will try to download every single file in a directory and generate a preview of it.

Krunner is supposedly supposed to be able to execute flies now. For example, photos in your home directory, etc. This isn't working for me. Maybe strigi is turned off or something. I really don't know.

If you are using 3.5 I would suggest you stick with that. If you are using 4.1, you might as well upgrade to 4.2. The only things I really notice that are different are just visual stuff. I guess the KDE developers prefer to work on that than the under-the-hood stuff that actually makes things work how it should. I know that some of this has been done, but it is basically just visual changes that I can notice.