View Full Version : Recording mount in root/var/lib = oops

January 28th, 2009, 04:29 AM
Hey All,

I setup my machine a couple days ago with 8.10. I figured I would do something dumb.

Anyhow my drive is like so.

/ = 20Gb ext3 sda1 primary
swap = 2gb sda5 logical
/var/lib = 280Gb xfs sda6 logical

I setup myth to use /var/lib/mythtv/recrodings as default selected but it is using my os root /var/lib directory and is filling up the root partiton quickly.

/dev/sda6 is mounted as /var/lib in /etc/fstab by the looks of it.

I would assume by looking at df -h that nothing has been put on the actual dev/sda6 as it saying only 1% is used and it is still reporting the full size as partitioned in the setup.

What are the steps to fix my screw up here please.

Can I just boot gparted live and change the swap and xfs partitions to primary from logical or is there another route to follow I have been searching most of the day with no luck yet.

There's all that dos fdisk use coming back to a haunt me.



January 28th, 2009, 04:04 PM
I tried a couple things and no luck so I just reinstalled myth and xbmc. Set the partitions the same as before but as primary and now all is fine.