View Full Version : [ubuntu] intermittent wireless operation on bootup

January 28th, 2009, 04:26 AM
I am new to Ubuntu 8.10 and its installed updates. Since installing the OS last Friday, I have problem with intermittent WIFI wireless activation on bootup. About half of my bootup's result in no activation of the USB wireless adapter (airlink 3055 with zydas 1211b chipset. The area is greyed out when I bring up internet on the screen. I have a blacked out icon on the top status bar instead of seeing the rotating circular arrows (and subsequent signal bar). The adapter is dead with either a solid green LED or a darkened LED, Not flashing as normal during operation. THe adapter works without fail on XP on different hard drive on my system. I have removed and reinstalled the OS/updates with the same result.

A friend has the same problem with his recent install on a laptop.

I would appreciate help with this (in plain english, please)