View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu + Bluetooth headset + Skype -> problems

January 26th, 2009, 08:19 PM
This is my first post.
I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. I've been running XP and predecessors but have decided to move to Ubuntu 8.10 on my main machine.
So far most things work fine... There are a few other issues but this one is the "most pressing". I'll start new threads for the other ones.

What I'm trying to do is to get my Logitech Bluetooth headset working in Skype. Skype itself works great already when I use a corded headset connected to the on-board sound card. Even my webcam worked straight after plugging it in.

The headset is a Logitech. On the headset itself it's printed "Model# F-0228A" and when I let Bluetooth Applet 1.8 discover the headset it says "Logitech HS02-V07".
The Bluetooth dongle I use is the one that came with the Logitech Wireless Desktop 5000. The keyboard and mouse work fine with this (after reading some of the posts here...)

The current situation is that I can pair the headset in the Bluetooth tool. I have an option to select "headset" in the Skype audio settings. But I can't hear the Skype test sound and when making a test call it says audio problems.

I have found a few posts on here related to the subject but none of them have the same issue and I couldn't find a solution.

Has anyone got this working?
I doubt that it has something to do with the model of headset as the pairing works. So if someone has got this working with another headset, I'd be interested too.

Ah, and it was working fine on XP, so I know this combination can work...

Thanks !