View Full Version : [xubuntu] boot live usb from floppy

January 26th, 2009, 12:16 AM
Hi im trying to install ANY OS that will go on my laptop with working internet.

i have a Dell inspiron 8100 laptop with a damaged dvd drive it has 2 usb's a floppy and some funny ports on the back.

i spent my whole Saturday (12 hours) and 5 hours of my Sunday getting Dam small linux installed on my lap top woohoo.

i get in its working and i try to get my wireless drivers working or even lan drivers i am completely lost i tryed doing it from the windows driver and i had no clue on how to do it with the linux version fo the drivers. im using a dwl-g122 usb internet thing. i also have a dlink dwl--650+ no clue how to get that to work. i had to change my boot options to skip the pcmcia because it was freezing.

I never got that to work so i gave up and now i am trying to get xbuntu to install to it. i was using the dsl usb boot floppy to boot the dsl live cd can someone help me o do the same thing with ubuntu?

or if they know how to get any operating system that will let me use internet i will be so happy.