View Full Version : [all variants] hibernation and sleep mode won't work on USB stick?

January 25th, 2009, 12:26 PM

I have Ubuntu 8.04 and neither sleep nor hibernation mode works. Laptop does turn on, but no error nor beep..and usb stick does not light up from which it suppose to recover. I've followed these instructions to the letter:


However, I did install ubuntu on a usb stick. Historically, in XP, I was never able to wake up by hitting the mouse or keyboard on my hp zv6000 laptop because the power had been cut off on these peripherals in these power save mode. I hear some dell models got the fix, though i'm not sure about HP.

I wonder though, if I did hit the POWER button, and my computer does come up, but the usb stick never lights up and I get no error message.. is this issue related at all to the fact that I installed Linux on a usb stick or is this a hibernation / sleep issue?