View Full Version : [all variants] Full screen Flash Video in separate Xscreen

January 24th, 2009, 10:58 PM
I have 2 monitors set up as separate xscreens.
Now I would like to watch a flash video stream from the following site: http://atdhe.net/
in full screen on one monitor while I work on the other.
I would think this would be possible since the monitors are set up as separate xscreens.
Unfortunately, whenever I go to full screen video on one screen if I move the mouse to try and get it to the other screen the video shrinks back to the small size.
Is there a way to set up these flash video streams so that they ignore mouse movements and instead depend on the escape key to go out of full screen mode?
This might be solved not by a separate xscreen rule a simple rule for an application such as JW player may solve this as well in this case.
If anybody has any ideas please let me know.

March 25th, 2009, 06:24 PM
I have the same "issue"
If I'm watching a longer video I usually play it in an external flash player to temp solve it. That's the only tip for now