View Full Version : [ubuntu] audio-in and midi card recommendations

January 24th, 2009, 05:58 AM
This has to be a FAQ, but I'm not having luck finding it.

What are the currently well supported sound cards that can record at least 44.1/16 and better 88.2/16 and 96/16 that also have real midi connections?
Stereo is the real interest, converting LPs and 78s to PCM. (Note, 78s have very strange EQ, as the RIAA standard curve was invented after most of them) so a generic LP-oriented device is not going to work unless the EQ can be turned off.

For 8.10.

While cheaper is always good, I'm thinking of a $100 budget or so.

Don't care at all about 5.1 or other modern stuff, 78s were all mono.