View Full Version : [gnome] problems with gtk 2.x themes and openoffice (bug?)

January 24th, 2009, 03:17 AM
hi! im portuguese. ive been trying some themes in gnome look.org in the zone of th gtk 2.x. i can install the themes and they look pertfect , but only in openoffice are a bug and i cant resolve it. check the image and look where is the mouse, help me with this. sorry for bad englishhttp://widget.slide.com/rdr/1/1/3/W/3100000001caa0ad/1/95/uQXQAAw24D8Zr_z7Rktb-7WXDoWB7VQC.jpg (http://www.slide.com/s/ztCUnyhz0z8cX2M4ZDLHPBlv57K-uRkO?referrer=hlnk)