View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lost Totem Preferences

January 23rd, 2009, 11:11 PM
Please give me a clue to what process is setting Totem preferences back to default data after each system startup. And, how to stop this from happening.

Revised Totem preferences are retained in ~/.gconf/apps/totem/%gconf.xml through starting and quitting Totem. Revised data is also viewable and changeable in gconf-editor>apps>totem. But the preferences are back to defaults after a system start and starting Totem again. The date and time on the %gconf.xml file are changed to the date and time of the startup.

My setup is a new, minimum, and mostly default Ubuntu 8.10 installation. It does include a nVidia 177.82 driver for a GeForce 8500GT.

January 25th, 2009, 12:11 AM
I too have this issue. I can make changes to the Preferences in totem or to the config file out in my home directory and it WILL NOT TAKE the changes. All I want to do is set the subtitles track to default off in my player. Thats it, and nothing I have done can make it happen.

I hate to be a naysayer, but if you make changes to the damned GUI it should keep the settings. The same thing applies to the IP addressing - you cant switch from DHCP to a static IP with 8.10 Intrepid without it losing its mind and reverting to DHCP on the next boot.

If the development organization would just fix STUPID issues like this, Ubuntu would be kicking Windows' butt and maybe even OS X as well.

This is so completely frustrating. I am a techie and engineer of over 20 years and I can find the answer to almost anything online with a simple straightforward answer. I absolutely HATE Windows and Microsoft, but until this kind of crap is fixed in Linux distros I have to say that a Mac kicks its butt. I have been on the forums *all day* looking around and trying various things on my system and nothing works.

Anyone have a simple solution?