View Full Version : [all variants] Looking for: Elaborate Internet Radio

January 23rd, 2009, 02:43 PM
Okay, so I've been busy with school lately and haven't really had a great chance to organize my home server. Right now it's just sitting at my parent's house soaking up electricity, not being used. I now have a little more free time and want to set a few things up on it. Among them I want an internet radio station so I can stream music.

I would like these features (or as many of them as possible): I would like to be able to easily setup new playlists from school. Also, the option to create users who can create their own playlists from my selection of music on the server. Really, I would like something similar to iTunes or Windows Media Player, but on a Web-Based utility.

I know this sounds a little overzealous and I'll probably be falling back to shoutCAST anyhow, but I still would like to ask because I don't know about everything out there - maybe it does exist.

Thanks for any help anyone can give!