View Full Version : [ubuntu] What cordless handset is working with skype on ubuntu

January 23rd, 2009, 12:24 PM

I am using skype for lot for my work, so really need comfortable solution for handset.
I used philips usb-voip phone VOIP080 , it was really good, but the cable was damaged, so i need new one.

There is a lot of not expensive cordless solutions.
I was trying some from dualphone, but it not working on linux for sure...

Is there some usb, or cordless that is known to work for sure...
dialing, browsing contact list is not important for me... but nice to have;-)

I was searching a lot all over the net, but there is only some info about specific models that dosn't work for sure . I need an opposite.

Thank you all in advice...

January 23rd, 2009, 07:53 PM
my only option I found that worked was to have the stand-alone Dualphone 3088. If you're at work and there's a way to split the network signal (Router, etc), then the 3088 is the way to go. I tried to look at all the other options too and unfortunately, it's still a Windows world. Funny enough, the stand-alone skype dualphone runs on a basic form of Linux I'm told. It looks to be that way when I did a software upgrade. Anyway, best of luck, let me know if you find something else.

February 2nd, 2009, 08:25 PM
Synchronicity in action.

I was just ruminating on why I still have Win XP on a separate HDD (my original 10GB that I bought over 10 years ago!):

Google Maps

iTunes: a number of online retailers now sell MP3s via download. Since I only really use my iPod for ChinesePod lessons (both audio and video), I have no real use for iTunes. Especially now that I have gtkpod and Songbird. Strike 1!

Google Maps: google earth plugin works beautifully; and so does Google Maps! Strike 2!

Skype: works perfectly on Ubuntu, and the interface feels smoother than on Win XP. I have a cordless Skype Dualphone, and am perfectly happy except for two minor issues: battery retention is exceptionally poor (remember to charge it / turn on Pc a couple of hours before you call e.g. charge time = call duration multiplied by 2) and it does not work with linux . Bugger.

Skype is the [U]only reason why I still dual-boot with Win XP.

Switching from Ubuntu to Win XP when I wish to make a call isn't terribly onerous, so something I'm happy to live with for the time being. However, I shall check back in a couple of years when I plan to emigrate and thus will transition from a desktop to laptop.