View Full Version : [ubuntu] Automagic updates & WiFi password entry possible?

January 23rd, 2009, 08:34 AM
I've set up Ubuntu 8.10 on my mom's laptop and she's very happy using OpenOffice 3.1B1, QCad and Sweet Home 3D for her work. She was so satisfied that I bought a license for the professional version of QCad as a thank you to them.

Before leaving her, I've got 2 problems I need to solve:

Ubuntu is the only distro I know of that asks for root password in order to activate the WiFi after logging in, and this prompt expires after a while disabling the WiFi altogether in the process, requiring a restart. The WiFi adapter was automatically picked up during isnatllation and everything works apart from this.

I need to set up automatic updating because she doesn't notice when new updates are available. I've tried teaching her, but she seems to forget.

I've solved the second problem by using cron as per these (http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2006/10/07/automatic-updates-ubuntu-all-versions/) instructions, am I able to override the stupid wifi bug in Ubuntu? If I manage to write a script that enters tha password on startup, what happens when she changes the password?