View Full Version : [all variants] Flimmer on TV with s-video

January 22nd, 2009, 05:10 PM
Hello there. I want help to get rid of the flimmer I have on my TV when connecting my computer by s-video.
I have ubuntu 8.10 desktop with a Nvidia 8600 graphic card. Nvidia drivers installed. In nvidia-settings I can see that output to my tv is exactly the same as to the LCD screen. 59.88Hz. I guess this is the problem? My TV wants 50Hz (PAL). I have tried hard setting values 'Option "TVStandard" "PAL-B"' and 'Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"' in xorg.conf without any change. Lowering resolution down to as low as 320x240 does not help. Any suggestion what todo about my flimmer?