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January 21st, 2009, 06:00 PM
hi all,

i'm using intrepid on a toshiba satellite m30-s309 laptop. i can happily report that i've being using ubuntu exclusively for several months now. but something strange is now happening:

my keyboard is acting very oddly. this just began a few days ago, and i can't link it to any change i made or specific event. usually, it will act as if i'm holding either the ctrl of shift key down, so, for instance, if i try to scroll down on a webpage in firefox it zooms out my view instead. or if i try to select messages in thunderbird it will select several at once. also, when typing, occasionally a letter key acts as though i'm holding it down continuously, or the backspace key will suddenly launch itself and delete an entire paragraph.

now - this sounds easy - it sounds simply as though i've spilled one too many cups of coffee over this ancient machine and the keyboard is giving up. but, actually, i don't think that's it - first, it only seems to happen in firefox and thunderbird (which is where i am mostly, so that could be misleading), and on a hunch, i booted windows (first time in ages!) and played around for a good long time in as many different programs as i could, and there were absolutely no problems. i rebooted ubuntu, launched firefox and thunderbird, and the problems were immediate.

(come to think of it - it has also happened when typing chat messages in skype, so i think you can ignore the only-mozilla-related-software angle)

any ideas?

EDIT: ok, it's definitely everywhere - just confirmed it's happening on open office too. but also definitely only in ubuntu, not windows...

January 22nd, 2009, 03:22 PM
really, no ideas?

can i give you some more info of some kind?