View Full Version : [ubuntu] Display went wrong after plugging TV into laptop

Pants Dance
January 21st, 2009, 11:32 AM
Hi, I'm a relative newbie to Ubuntu. I can normally find what I want here, but this time there's no such luck

Briefly, I'm running 8.10 on my laptop, and decided to try plugging in my Sharp LCD TV. I wasn't totally satisfied with the results, and played about with the resolution and mirror screen settings with some odd results, like that split-screen option where the mouse goes from one screen to another. Now, even unplugged, my laptop screen is displaying as though stretched and my video card is playing up.

Longer version: I'm running an HP Intel Centrino Duo laptop with a gig of RAM and no proper video card. I went and bought a 37" Sharp Aquos, knowing that you can plug them in to computers and wanting to use that as a massive monitor.

I could only hook it up through the standard 15 pin connection, which displayed all right but was the exact same as was on my laptop screen, which was not the desired result. After a fair bit of rummaging around, I found System > Preferences > Screen Resolution, and started to change things in there. When I turned 'Mirror Screens' off, it did what some of you no doubt would expect, which was to plonk my background half-way between both screens, my icons on the left of one and my menus at the top and bottom of the other. Eventually, I found out how to turn off the laptop and have the TV running at nearly correct resolution. Except that I can't convince Ubuntu that I have a 32" TV, and not a 37" TV. Much as I might wish that were the case.

However, since doing the mirror screen thingy, all of my CompizConfig settings have turned off, despite the GUI believing that they're turned on, and my display resolution has gone sort of stretched, like it's trying to put a normal screen on my laptop's widescreen. The rotating cube has turned off as has the rotating animation when changing workspace, and the mini-workspace display down the bottom right only shows two workspaces despite specifically setting it up for four. To top it off, when I run the Hardware Test, my screen crashes really horribly when it gets up to the video test and I have to reset.

It worked fine before plugging the damn TV in. Now even with the TV unplugged it's giving me grief.

Please help. Humble Arts graduate that I am, I am like a babe in the woods when the computer goes wrong. Woods, no less, that are full of bears, wolves and baby-eating priests. Not pretty.