View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu Freezes during install and boot up al versions every time!

January 21st, 2009, 03:26 AM
Hello all,

I am new to Linux and decided to give Ubuntu a try, i have an Everex Stepnote laptop with Intel Core Duo T2050 1.6Ghz CPU and it is an ACPI x86 based PC running Vista (32 bit) with 1Gb of RAM and the basic Intel 945 Express display drivers. I have had problems installing it freezes in the same spot everytime (the orange bar bounces back and forth, moves to the first 'block' of progress and then freezes and nothing happens again). I tried various disks to install, got one in the mail from Ubuntu website, downloaded to DVD, downloaded to CD and even tried Kubuntu. I managaed to get a version of Ubuntu installed inside windows on the partition but then when i try and boot it freezes in the same place as when i tried to install before and it seems the installation never really worked. I formatted the partition and tried again and it still freezes in the same spot, after i hit install it loads and then teh orange bar freezes at the first 'block'. Also Ubuntu will not run from the Live CD, the same 'freezing' appears here.
I tried booting in various ways (all the options, safe graphic, verbose etc...) here it froze again but the last message was:

'Unknown Controller (16) May cause problems' (not exact words sorry)

I have also tried the alternate CD.

Anyone think they can help?? I am not experienced with LInux my first time trying to use it,

Thanks a lot