View Full Version : [ubuntu] Display messed up

January 20th, 2009, 10:42 PM
I had been using an ati graphics card for my new pc, but my pc originally came with an nvidia card, the nvidia card didn't work because it wasn't in the slot all the way, so I inserted it all the way and tried using it, installed the hardware drivers and restarted my pc. But then the graphics were incredibly low, and I couldn't change the resolution or anything. So I switched back to my ati card in the hardware manager, and restarted, but it wouldn't use the ati card, it kept using the nvidia card, so I took out the nvidia card and it went back to using my ati card, but then the login screen was so massive that i could only see the top left of the screen, and when I logged in, my screen looked like this: http://ohsnap.freezoka.com/ddddd/17.jpg
and its stuck like this, can't change resolution or refresh rate. I'm completely new to ubuntu and I'm absolutely baffled. Any remedy for this?

Never mind, I managed to fix it but in a very unexpected way... turns out in 'appearance' under system preferences, visual effects was turned on, I turned it off and my display is back to normal...