View Full Version : [ubuntu] irqpoll and youtube flash

January 20th, 2009, 03:56 PM
I just installed ubuntu hardy heron on my Dell Inspiron 530s Deskstop using the 32-bit livecd.
Two questions:
(1) Why do I have to use irqpoll to boot up ? Without that the booting seems to hang at some point. Will irqpoll do weird thing after booting into ubuntu ? I remember I don't have to use this irqpoll on another laptop that was installed with the same LiveCD.
(could it be that I bought a firewire port on the Dell desktop that send out weird signals that
irq got terribly confused ?)

(2) Using the default firefox browser and I visited youtube.com,
it says the flash is not installed. I followed the link and install the flash from adobe with something .deb and it was installed. I closed all
firefox windows and relaunch firefox and visit youtube.com, same thing happens, it says the latest flash is not installed.

Thanks for your kind answers!