View Full Version : [kubuntu] howto reset network settings

January 20th, 2009, 10:07 AM
I am using kubuntu 7.10. knetworkmanager worked very nicely for a very long time, but recently I had to make manual settings with a fixed IP, and since then I can not switch back to the previous behaviour (dhcp on both wireless and eth, eth preferred over the wireless when it's plugged in)

First of all, the wireless networks are not anymore listed when right-clicking on the knetworkmanager icon.

Second, knetworkmanager connets sometimes to my password-protected home wlan, although I tried to remove all instances of this entry from the config files, I even removed the whole .kde directory, but still.

Third, knetworkmanager prefers to connect to our passwordless wlan in our institute, even if I plug the network cable in.

Could somebody please tell me, how to completely reset all possible network settings to the state, which I had right after a fresh install?