View Full Version : [ubuntu] vmware workstation crashed my system sound

January 20th, 2009, 09:03 AM
after installing vmware workstation, my system sounds don't work anymore. When I click the "Test"-Button in the Ubuntu Audio Settings, there will only be a clicking noise, but not the test tone. When e.g. pidgin wants to give a sound (new message), a loud noise that persists until reboot will come instead.

I use PulseAudio, but it's the same with ALSA. No problem with OSS.

The Sound from Windows out of vmware still works! When I set up the vm, I changed "Use physical sound card" from "Auto" to "/dev/sound", because the sound out of the vm didn't work. Was that a big mistake? When I reset that, nothing changes (no system sound, vmsound yes).

I hope, you can help! Thx