View Full Version : [ubuntu] wireless interface controls lost

GEZEN Foundation
January 20th, 2009, 12:45 AM
I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on a Dell Vostro 1000 for my boss.

Because the pad on this thing is ultra sensitive, I accidentally clicked wrong a couple of times, when I didn't even want to click and now the little icon-thingy that shows that the machine is searching for a wireless network has completely dissappeared.

I don't know what is exactly called, so this makes searching for it close to impossible. It's not somewhere in the preferences/amdinistration/program menu's so I cannot restart it from there and make it stick.

What's more, I managed to get the eth0-properties in that position, but the eth1 for the wireless is completely gone.

Also when the icon-thingy was still in the panel, it kept on searching for a wireless network .. and searching ... and searching ...

The open networks of neighbours that my iBook has no problem with, could not be found, nor my personal secured-wireless network after specification. And when I checked the parameters, the wpa-key was represented as some way longer and completely different mumbo-jumbo-textand numbers.

Does any body know how to get this working? I spent hours on it already, and I'm getting nowhere.