View Full Version : [ubuntu] Maximum brightness is not maximum

January 19th, 2009, 11:16 PM

I've recently installed Intrepid on Toshiba Portege (old one). All went quite smoothly with exception of known problem of maximal resolution of 800x600. I had to install and tweak quite a few things in the process of getting 1024x768 from it. In the end I succeded but somewhere in this process something strange happened.

After one restart xwindows started with dimmed display - not all the way I would say it was like 2/3 of maximal brightness. The thing is I can't raise this level. According to all information (like in /proc/.../LCD/brightness) brightness is already 100% but in reality it's not. It's not hardware issue because consoles and grub splashes work at normal (maximal) brightness level. Same when the X is starting. Only when the 'X' cursor of Xwin changes to Gnome(?) one (white circle) display gets dimmed. I'm quite confused.
There is actually one more thing maybe connected with this. When I try to adjust brightness level the screen gets "zoomed" - everything gets bigger but I can only see left top corner of the original screen. When I switch to console and then back screen is back to normal. Very confusing :)

Does anybody have any idea where the problem could be? What am I missing?

The graphic card is Trident CyberBlade X2, I'm using trident driver.