View Full Version : [ubuntu] Shares-Admin Issues (Intrepid)

January 19th, 2009, 10:48 PM
I'm fairly new to Ubuntu, only a couple months of scarce useage. But I thought it would be interesting to experiment with home networking.

I know 'how' to use the Nautalis share options, but for some reason my laptop (Running the same 8.10 Intrepid as the desktop) won't allow me to access its shared folders.

When I try to access them, even FROM the laptop (through Network), it can't authenticate the password/username.

The desktop's networked folders authenticate no problem on both machines, both using SMB Windows networking protocol. Also, everything works when I set it up using shares-admin. However, I don't see any options for a password protection within the LAN.

Nautalis has the nice option of user-password protection, whereas shares-admin does not (that I can find, at least.)

So my questions are:

How can I put any sort of password protection on my folders using Shares-Admin


How can I get my laptop to share its files through Nautalis without authentication problems?

Thanks in advance for any support.