View Full Version : [other] Looking for a small handheld gaming device

January 19th, 2009, 09:51 PM
I want this thing:

Fits in my pocket
Ability to make own apps easily, without need of any downgrading, hacking,
nor extremely difficult programming environment installation
Some kind of emulator, so I can test my apps on PC before trying them on the device
Battery life at least 3 hours
Doesn't cost more than 200EUR or 260USD or 180GBP

So far I have thought of:

PSP. I got a downgraded one, but installation of toolchain + SDK is too hard and it's slightly too big to fit in my pocket.
iPod Touch 8Gb. But SDK is only for Mac, grrr. And it's locked.
OpenPandora. Its way too expensive and powerful for my needs, but otherwise good.
OpenMoko, I don't like the curved design, and it costs too much.
GP2X F100 (or any other model) Exactly what I am looking for. But do any online store sell them anymore?

I don't need very much memory or performance, I just want a small gaming device which I can program games for.

GP2X looks the best, but I can't find any stores selling them. If somebody could tell me a store which is in Europe or maybe even in Finland?

Are there any other options I should consider?

January 19th, 2009, 11:06 PM
isn't the nintendo ds lite worth a look? I read about installing linux on it. At least I thought about buying one.
edit: didn't know the gp2x

shop in germany:


January 20th, 2009, 06:59 PM
Nintendo DS sucks. It's not worth the price.

And HEY! I just noticed the mass production of OpenPandora started 5 days ago, am I correct? :o

Maybe it will get cheaper? 4000 Pandoras were sold in less than one week some time ago.

And also GP2X Wiz will be for sales in couple months. That's alot cheaper, and has Linux too. :)

Looks like I can't get what I want yet. Maybe after some time. :(