View Full Version : [ubuntu] Windows to Ubuntu Internet Sharing

January 19th, 2009, 06:44 AM
I have a laptop running vista which connects to my wireless router wirelessly.
I then have set it up to bridge to my main pc running xp through the ethernet ports on both computers.

i have recently installed ubuntu on a spare hard drive that i put in my main pc.
it runs well, but i get no internet connection.

this is the same pc that is running xp and ubuntu but i cant get internet on ubuntu.

my question is how can i setup ubuntu to pickup the network bridge so i can get internet.


January 19th, 2009, 06:49 AM
Are you using a crossover cable or just a plain jane Ethernet cable?

January 19th, 2009, 06:59 AM
its just a plain ethernet cable from my laptop to my pc.

January 19th, 2009, 07:09 AM
You typically have to use a special kind of ethernet cable called a Cross-over cable (two pairs of wires in out of four are swapped) if you want to connect two PC's directly together like that.

January 19th, 2009, 07:21 AM
but it works flawlessly from vista laptop to xp pc.
why not vista laptop to ubuntu pc?

January 19th, 2009, 04:25 PM
Sorry if I'm thick headed...
The laptop connects to the router wirelessly.
Which machine is "set it up to bridge to my main pc"?
Which machine has internet connection (logic suggests the router)?

January 20th, 2009, 01:47 AM
well it goes like this:

wireless Ethernet

each of those lines are passing internet through.
i have set up it up to bridge.
here is a pic of the laptop's network setup.

the local area connection just runs to my main pc, where it just picks up the intrenet as if it is running from the router.

that works on xp, not ubuntu