View Full Version : [ubuntu] S-Video Out Nvidia nForce 8600m Problem

January 19th, 2009, 03:06 AM

I have a Dell XPS M1530 running Ubuntu 8.10 with the Nvidia restricted drivers. Also, I have a S-Video to RCA adapter that I have verified working on another laptop with S-Video out. Whenever I attempt to enable TwinView for the TV device (while using the adapter cable) no picture comes up no matter how many settings I try. However, when I plug in a S-Video to S-Video cable, clone the output and match the resolutions I can get a picture on the TV. Unfortunately the TV I need this to work on does not have S-Video input, which presents a problem. It seems as if I can hotswap the two cables after I configure it using the S-Video, but this won't help for the other TV (which is in a different location). Just using the converter cable, whenever I click detect displays the picture will flash up on the TV but will not stick. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I can't configure it using the S-Video to RCA cable, since the cable obviously works?

I appreciate any feedback in advance.