View Full Version : [ubuntu] I seem to be having a graphics issue...

January 19th, 2009, 02:23 AM
I'm running Ubuntu on an older laptop...I got it for Christmas in '05, and I seem to be having some strange graphics issues with it. I recently upgraded from version 7.04 due to the lack of support for it anymore, to version 7.10, for the 4 months of remaining support.

Everything seems to work alright, except for the fact that the graphics don't seem to load properly. It's just a little...off. For example, the main toolbar doesnt load on my screen sometimes, but if you click it, it appears, and then something else usually disappears. Also, clicking and dragging causes the background to change colors.

Do you think I just need a newer graphics card?

(I have the same problem with the newest version of Ubuntu as well, I already tried...)