View Full Version : [ubuntu] Poor DVD playback, is it the DVD RW drive or ATI RADEON IGP 320M?

January 19th, 2009, 12:45 AM
I'm dual booting Ubuntu 8:10 and Windows XP on HP NX9005 laptop (unfortunately I've just had to re-install windows for work...Dammit!). Film DVD playback worked fine with Ubuntu 7:10 and 8:04. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to test it in Ubuntu 8:10 becuase the original CD/DVD RW drive broke shortly after installation.

I've replaced the original CD/DVD RW with a SAMSUNG SN-T082A. DVD playback in Ubuntu is now terrible, it freezes quite a lot and stops working altogether with Totem, VLC and Xine.

I was having the same problem with VLC in Windows which led me to believe it was a faulty drive, but the firmware is up to date, and when I updated the ATI RADEON IGP 320M driver in windows; DVD play back worked perfectly.

I'm fairly new to Ubuntu. Can you suggest anything in Ubuntu that will help me find out whether its the drivers, the CD/DVD RW, or ATI RADEON IGP 320M that's at fault?