View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardware Problems exposed by Wine

January 18th, 2009, 06:46 PM

I'm trying to get Red Alert 2 working with Wine, but wine is only interested in crashing and freezing my computer.

I have an Acer Aspire 1350. If I do something as simple as edit an entry in regedit or open taskmgr then my system freezes.

I read in the Wine FAQ (Section 6.3) that a complete system freeze is most likely due to hardware drivers, but I'm struggling to figure out which ones.

As suggested in the FAQ, I ran glxgears with no problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions of tests that I do to pin this down?

I'm using the openchrome video drivers with Mesa. If I turn off DRI as suggested somewhere, the problem persists.

direct rendering: Yes
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI UniChrome (KM400) 20060710 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SS

I'm thinking that it might not be a graphics driver problem, but I don't know.

If anyone would like me to post some output then I'd be pleased to.


P.S. That list of problems in the Troubleshooting Section of the Wine FAQ looks quite worrying.