View Full Version : [all variants] WiFi Help? (buggered comp)

January 18th, 2009, 12:00 AM
The issue is with my Wifi PCI card, or the PCI slot it was in. I saw was, because I moved it to a spare slot, which should be working fine, but now even after trying to install it the same way I did when it was in the other PCI slot (which I don;t think should be neccessary, btu it wasn;t working) it's not showing up in iwconfig or ifconfig.

ndiswrapper -l however shows it fine. =/

it crashes the computer on connect to network when in PCI slot (lets call it) #1, and when in PCI Slot #2 (which works fine with a regular NIC in it) it only shows up in ndiswrapper -l as being present, and doesn;t show in ifconfig or iwconfig or anywhere.

in Linux it crashes just after I connect to the network wirelessly (again, when in Slot #1). in XP it can handle regular usage, but torrents break it (either torrent client, or even any reasonable level of torrent bandwidth usage)
WiFi card: Asus WL-138G

any thoughts? buggered card/PCI slots?