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January 17th, 2009, 08:59 PM
I updated from Heron to Ibex and installed it. When I go to start Ibex, I can get to the user name screen, but no keyboards work.... Nothing works! The only way I have found to get out of the screen is to physically turn off the computer and turn it back on. The only way I can get the computer past that screen is to go back and load a weird version of 8.04, certainly not the one I am used to. I seem to have lost all my programs and files somewhere along the way. What to do? What to do? Thanks for any and all advice

PS I loaded 8.10 onto my hard drive, which is where I also had 8.04. Machine is a Pent 3 laptop w/ .5gB memory.

Thanks, Bill

April 7th, 2009, 08:25 PM
This sounds a similar problem to the one I'm having so figured I'd bump this thread.

I am running a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D laptop with an AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core processor and 1GB of RAM and am trying to dual boot Windows Vista and Ubuntu.

I was given a copy of Ubuntu 8.04 on disc and managed to install Heron fine, the only problem was that my wireless internet wouldn't work (I have a Realtek RTL8187B wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter), I found a page on the internet that listed the same problem and recommended upgrading to Ibex 8.10, which I did. When I rebooted I was faced with the option to boot Windows or one of (what appears to be) three versions of Ubuntu (and their various recovery modes);

Ubuntu 8.10 2.6.27-11
Ubuntu 8.10 2.6.24-23
Ubuntu 8.10 2.6.24-19

The first option (2.6.27-11) brings up the following error message;

[0.665785] pci 0000:04:00.00 unsupported PM cap regs version (7)

[1.488124] kernel panic - no syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

The other two options (2.6.24-23 & 2.6.24-19) boot Ubuntu and take me to the login screen but, like wbmcleod, the keyboard doesn't work and my only option is to turn it off and on again.

Any idea what's going on? Thanks in advance for your help.