View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sever Installation HD partition question?

January 15th, 2009, 03:25 PM
I am a bit new to Linux O.S

This is my 2nd install of linux Server O.S and I am stuck at HD partition

I am at the Disk Partition Stage
Capacity for HD is 2.5TB (6x500GB HD Raid 5) as we had discussed. However, during partition stage I get

SCSI1 (2,0,0) (sda) - 1.9TB DELL PERC 6/i
#1 primary 82.2 MB fat16
#2 primary 2.2 GB B fat32
pri/log 1.9 TB FREE SPACE

SCSI (2,1,0) (sdb) - 610.4 GB DELL PERC 6/i
pri/log 610.4 GB FREE SPACE

I need to setup this way

/boot - 1 GB - (Boot Partition)

/ - 8 GB (root Partition)

/swap - 8 GB (twice the size of RAM)

/data - 2.4 TB (The rest of the free space available in the HDD)

My question why is there 'sdb' and 'sda' and is there a simple way to have a single HD of 2.5 TB that I can partition?