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January 15th, 2009, 01:33 PM
We are looking to hire a new student worker in Mosaic Computing. The position is open until filled. Please send resumes to jwedgeco at uncc.edu with the subject "Linux job".

Please forward or post this appropriately.

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Position Description: Student Technical Linux Specialist

This position is great for someone who is looking to be a Unix system administrator as a career and will use programming to be more effective on the job.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter and active learner who experiments with Unix-like operating systems and writes programs in different languages in his/her spare time for personal growth.


The individual will be assigned to work on projects to assist the Mosaic development team. These projects will include the following duties:

- Installing, testing, troubleshooting, and maintaining vendor and in-house software on Linux and Solaris
- Writing programs to automate system tasks such as monitoring system status and installing software
- Configuration management
- Writing documentation
- Assisting with support
- Other duties as assigned.

The Mosaic team manages over 40 Linux machines and over 100 Solaris workstations. This position will aide the Mosaic team in managing these systems.


- Strong problem-solving skills
- Willingness to learn and research solutions to problems with minimal oversight
- Proficient with Linux (Red Hat/Fedora preferred) or BSD or Solaris.
- Proficient with programming in C.
- Proficiency in Perl, Ruby, Python, or shell scripting is a bonus.
- Skilled at software installation process on Linux using a package manager;
- Good writing skills for writing documentation.
- Effective communication skills with members of the team and
- Highly motivated, accountable, work in a team environment.
- Good customer service skills for working with users.

Reporting structure:

- Will report to the Director of Mosaic Engineering in the College of Engineering.
- Will be assigned to projects and work with Mosaic team members.
- Will be required to provide weekly status report on project
- Will work closely with the Mosaic Linux Administrator

Hours, Wage:

- Max of 20 hours /week during school sessions. Up to 40 hours / week during the summer.
- $10/hour start. Merit increases will be based on experience and skills.
- Must fill out time sheets.

Will be required to write for us answers to some of following
technical problems focusing on Linux:

1. Write a function to perform some operation (insert or delete a data element in a data structure).

2. Describe what is wrong with a small written function.

3. Describe what are the results of a written function.

4. Describe how to create accounts on Linux

5. Describe the boot up process in Linux

Jason Edgecombe
Solaris & Linux Administrator
Mosaic Computing Group, College of Engineering UNC-Charlotte
Phone: (704) 687-3514

February 23rd, 2009, 05:29 AM
I wish I live in Charlotte man I've been looking for a linux job forever but no luck, I live in greesboro