View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu Install Trouble

January 15th, 2009, 01:30 AM

I'm trying to install Ubuntu onto partitions that previously contained a redhat based operating system. I went through the ubuntu installation with manual partitioning, and then installed the boot loader on the boot partition. After completing the process and attempting to reboot, I was unable to boot into Ubuntu.

Just as additional information, this system was already dual boot. I am keeping 1/2 the system that have RHEL 5 installed, and trying to install Ubuntu on the other 1/2. When I rebooted, my grub for RHEL5 came up, and I was able to boot normally into it, but despite trying to boot off the other partitions, Ubuntu never came up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am brand new to Ubuntu (although a long time linux user).