View Full Version : Jabber/sip protocols not selectable in user's control panel

January 14th, 2009, 06:19 AM
Some time ago there was a huge thread announcing adding Jabber support to forum, while now it's gone.

I know that now there's a time to check what caused last problems of ubuntuforums site, so I don't expect it to be added right now, but a while later...

Isn't it just another field to be added to the database and another field to be added in site's GUI? I mean, isn't Jabber plugin supposed to be functioning the same as Skype, AIM etc.? Why is there any difference between them, why is there needed any plugin? Ubuntuforums will not allow people to actually use this IM, this is only about displaying it next to users' posts...

For me it's even more important as I'm from Poland, where the most widely used protocol is a crappy Gadu-Gadu (GG). It's only popular in Poland, so I'm not surprised I cannot write it within my account details.

But apart from GG I use only Jabber (and Skype, but only for video and I have it turned off for most of the time) so now I'm not really able to write down any IM address that I really use. I'd personally preffer to have Jabber in CP even at the cost of sacrificing Yahoo or ICQ...

There are even some members of the Ubuntu Forums Staff (at least one ;)) that still has Jabber listed in his signature as ubuntuforums preferred protocol. And it's not even in a minimum supported by the site...

Another thing is the SIP protocol, used by Ekiga. As Skype it's a closed source software and this is even not the most important, but the thing it's crappy supported is, and Ekiga is using open source protocol that has an ambition to be a "Jabber" for VoIP, SIP/Ekiga should also be listed in users' cp, even if right now not so many people use it.

And again - isn't it just about adding another field to the database and GUI?

January 15th, 2009, 05:39 AM
it got removed when they upgraded the forums. im not sure what the process is for getting it readded back.