View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upgrade failure (your system may be in an unstable state)

January 13th, 2009, 10:50 PM
I resisted doing the version upgrade from Gutsy until today hoping that by this time, all the kinks would be worked out....

So today I finally chose the version upgrade and Apparently
the online upgrade is risker than I thought... no power interruption ,internet connection failures or other external problems prevented the process succeeding yet the program failed.

I apparently downloaded all the files ok, and judging from the file progress bar, the process of doing the configuration work was at the very end when the update encountered some type of problem and aborted with a warning that my computer may be in an unstable state,,, So the update app aborted near the end of the "configurations" step and before the "clean up" step started.

I the chose the restart command and the computer hung up during the process, never to return

The good news is that pressing the computer's actual power button did lead to a successful reboot. The System->About tells me that I am using
version 8.04 and the update notification app tells me I am up-to-date but I am guessing I am actually working with some sort of blend of Gutsy and Hardy Herron. What should I do now??